Air Conditioning Installation

Blazing summers and scorching temperatures have become a common phenomenon. Ceiling fans or table fans are not good enough to battle this extreme heat. This is why air conditioners have become a household essential. Are you looking to upgrade your existing air conditioner? Do you want to install a new one? Do not worry. All Arizona Heating and Cooling is your best bet. They offer you the best air conditioning services in your neighbourhood.

Energy saver

Spending summers without an air conditioner has become unimaginable. However, if your AC is not functioning properly or has become very old, it means trouble. Get ready to pay some hefty electricity bills. This is why it’s essential to get the appropriate AC installed. There are two main features that make air conditioners energy efficient today. Firstly, they must meet a standard of 13 SEER. Secondly, air conditioners must use refrigerants that are environmental friendly; for example, R-410. When an air conditioner fulfils both these conditions, it will not only reduce your electricity bills but also cool efficiently.

Old is not always gold

Some air conditioners are beyond repair. They are so out-dated and over-used that repairing them is of no purpose. You end up shelling out much more only for the AC to last a few more months. Instead of retaining such AC’s that are beyond the expiry date, it’s better to invest and install a new one. By just paying a few more dollars, you can treat yourself with a brand new air conditioner. Upgrade and feel the change.

Key features

Air conditioner installation needs to be done professionally. If it’s not installed properly, it may lead to leakage in ducts or decreased airflow. We offer you an all-round solution for AC installation. We deal with installation of all leading brands including Goodman, Trane, Daikin, Carrier and Lennox to name a few.

We handle all types of AC units such as:

Central air conditioners

Ductless, mini-split air conditioners
Hybrid air conditioners
Geothermal cooling units
Unlike many other companies, we do not use any sub-contractors. We have our own team of experts who are all NATE certified. Catering to all makes and models of air conditioners is our speciality, thanks to our HVAC technicians. They are well equipped to handle all types of air conditioners. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We will leave no stone unturned to make your house cool and comfortable.

Choosing the right AC

For larger households, going for central air conditioning would be ideal. Here, there’s one single unit that supplies cool air to the entire house through a series of ducts. If you prefer to use AC’s in only certain parts of the house, opt for ductless mini-split air conditioning. We can fix it in any part of your house as per your requirement.

Easy installation process

Once you choose your AC model, our technicians will start the installation process. They will first come to your house to take measurements. Upon inspection, they will inform you if any extra electrical work needs to be done before installing the AC. Once you give them your convenient time, they will come and install the air conditioner. If no extra electrical work or ductwork is required, it will be completed within a day. If extra wiring needs to be done, it might take an additional day to finish the installation. Our technicians will complete the installation process without much ado. They will cause no disturbance to your routine. Easy installation, happy homes!

All Arizona Heating and Cooling believes in providing you with a hassle-free installation process at affordable prices. Call us at 520-990-3458 for more information.

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